its over

well, its all over. i am very sad now and Christmas is ruined but at least i have learned one thing from this amazing journey ... Sylvester Stallone is truly the wisest of men. to be able to see the long game and allow paul to learn so much from all this ... all i can say is "Sylvester Stallone 2016!!!!"

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Wait. "Over"? NOTHING IS OVER!

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I agree with you FTCLTL. It has been such a bittersweet day. I am glad that Stallone was there to pull Paul out of the quagmire of the insidious LMF, but sad because "Scheer Team Six (minus three)" will never be. Your life has been changed Paul, and that doesn't happen often. I hope you can go home and laugh a little harder, sing a little louder, and maybe, just maybe, hold your family a little tighter.

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