Business idea for A. Sachs (if Paul never resurfaces)

Of course, we all hope for Paul's safe return, and it would be grossly inappropriate to make plans that depend on his continued "unavailability".

That being said, if Paul does vanish, never to be seen again, he is likely to become the Jim Morrison &/or Janis Joplin &/or Kurt Cobain of podcasting, except older.

Once his posthumous popularity is culturally established, I'm pretty certain that Adam Sachs, with his stunningly accurate impersonation of Paul's cadence and speech patterns, could bring in some major cash by selling customized "Paul Scheer" messages for people's voicemail greetings. (Suggested target demographic: anyone over the age of 35 or so, since -- as we all know -- millennials ignore voicemail.)

I have dozens of equally good business ideas if you'd like to give me a job.

(PS -- my condolences to June, Paul's family, blah blah blah.)

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