Ms. June Diane

June's message was, I don't even know what to say. Powerful stuff. The obvious pain she must be going through. Y'know, her pleas reminded me of this scene from Rocky Balboa:

My only concern is, with the onus of their separation resting squarely on her shoulders, has she truly allowed Stallone into her heart? I mean, she says the right things and it sounds like she is taking some action, but when she said, "This has been funny to some people..." I feel like she still doesn't get it. Maybe, once Paul is safe, she should come on the show and tell the world exactly the impact Stallone has had on her life. I also wouldn't say no to her singing Paul's favorite song from a Stallone movie a cappella on air to prove that she has truly made this change in her life.

Come home, Paul. We miss you! No matter what LMF promises, it will be no substitute for Stallone...and probably your wife and son too, I guess...

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I'm just still nervous about this whole thing, guys. I watched Rocky II last night to try to inspire some Stallone-level confidence, though.

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It sounds like Paul is June's gender-flipped Angel of the City:

"Heaven send [him] to my door!"

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