I'm Bummed

This isn't working out like I planned.

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If I'm going to be honest, I'm really enjoying these episodes. Obviously it's unsustainable to have a Sly Stallone podcast without Sly, but I just wanted to say you've been keeping me well entertained and I could listen to hours worth of you talking to your mom and arguing with Hollywood receptionists. I'M WITH YOU PAUL!

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Phew. When I saw the title of this post I got a fright. I thought something terrible had happened at the motel.

Loved hearing your Mam giving you advice. I think she has a future in the podcast business as an agony aunt or something. Does she know you're staying at the motel? Probably best not to worry her. This will all work out I'm sure. You're Paul scheer ffs

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Sorry man, I hope you wrote this before you spoke to your mother as she seemed to be getting you on the right track. Keep strong!

My advice would be to consider your goal vs. your desired outcome. Can the same outcome be achieved by setting a different goal? Only you can answer this, but whatever you decide, know that you have our full support!

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