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Hey Paul, I know you asked for merch ideas a couple episodes ago, so sorry to come with these so late. But I was thinking maybe you could do, like, autographed 8x10s of you dressed like classic Stallone characters. Who wouldn't want a framed Paul in the jungle shooting a big gun or arm wrestling with a big fat trucker or boxing a Russian?

I also had a t-shirt idea, where it's you shaking hands with a guy in a suit. The head is just the outline of a head, and in that outline is the words "Sly's Face Here." You could also add an iron-on of Sly's face, that way when you meet him, we could finally add that face on. I don't know, it's something, right?

Thank you for your time, keep up the great work, Paul.

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I suppose you could do an iron-on of Jack McBrayer's face for that t-shirt now.

I also had an idea for like a "Where's Waldo?" style book, where you essentially are Paul and you try to find Stallone in all of these wacky places. Maybe you could have McBrayer in there too, like when you also tried to find Waldo's dog or that old wizard.

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