No More Stallone-ly Nights

As promised, here are the lyrics to my song I plan on singing tomorrow. The tune is to Paul McCartney's "No More Lonely Nights" (ballad version). I played it a bit fast and loose with the syllables, but I think it works.

Paul, if you want Al Yankovic to take a pass at the lyrics he is more than welcome to. I hereby relinquish all rights to this song. If you guys make a recording of it and put it on iTunes just give the proceeds to the charities of your choice (Al's, your's, McCartney's,and of course, Stallone's). You may want to get some of your friends to do the background vocals as well....

"No More Stallone-ly Nights" (Paul McCartney/Cameron H.)

We can’t wait another day, until we hear you

So won’t you please give Wolfpop a ring and take a couple questions?

What’s your very favorite role, (Na na na na, Na-na-na-na) that co-starred Rob Schnieder? (Adiran-na-na)

In the eighties movie Over the Top, why’d your wife hoard all your letters?

So come on and come in, make it right!

No more Stallone-ly Nights (2x)

We promise Paul won’t bite

He just wants to touch your hair

Rhinestone proved that you could sing, you’re a great director

Rocky made us all burst into tears, Oscar split our sides with laughter

So why won’t you come on to Paul’s show?

No more Stallone-ly Nights (How the hell’s your brother?)

No more Stallone-ly Nights

Was Daylight all right?

I haven’t seen, but planning to

And we will not go until you tell us, “Yo, you better get the Hell away”

(Guitar solo)

We think all of your films are alright

No more Stallone-ly Nights (We all love your mother)

No more Stallone-ly Nights

Would it be alright

If Scheer just sits and blankly stares?

We won’t give up, just like John Rambo, heard a fourth is on the way…

No, we won’t give up until you tell us “Yo, that is all I’ve got to say”

No more Stallone-ly Nights!

(Guitar fade out—vocal ad-lib)

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