Paul Needs Our Help!

Okay everyone, as we all heard on the episode today I think Paul is at the end of his rope. As die hard Stallone fans, I think it is up to us to help him out and get this thing going. The next thing you know some asshole is going to come out and recommend the podcast be renamed The Still-one Podcast, and none of us want that. I will say that I am still working the Jackie Stallone angle and there has been some progress, but I can’t report anything as definite just yet. Otherwise, I think we need to take a step back and get a new perspective. I think we need to attack this on two different fronts: practical and metaphysical.

On the practical side, I think Stallone’s trepidation is that he sees Paul as a comedy guy and that this is all an elaborate bit to make fun of him. We need him to realize that nothing could be further from the truth and that this is absolutely serious. I think the questions we all emailed will be proof of that. So, maybe we need to have like a banner or group name we can refer to ourselves as. I am open to suggestions, but the ones I have so far are: The Stallone Rangers, Sylvester’s Jesters (although this may not alleviate his concerns), and The Italian Stallion Battalion. I think branding ourselves will definitely be a step in the right direction as far as showing him that this is not a joke.

On the metaphysical side, I think we should all take a page from The Secret and we have to just really put this out into the universe. However, I don’t think this works as a silent, passive request and I think there is definite strength in numbers. What I propose is that at 3PM EST tomorrow we work our way into an area with heavy foot traffic and all yell as one: STALLONE!!!! Immediately afterward we should break into our favorite song from any of Stallone’s films. If you want to dance, that’s up to you. This will create what a shaman would refer to as a collective, pulsating wave of positive vibrations. With one voice, we will be heard! This is too important!

As for me, and Paul you may want to get Al Yankovic on the phone now, I will be singing an original song I wrote. I will post the lyrics on another thread, but I am feeling a real Band Aid vibe here...

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