Failing Fathers, Disappointed Sons


I listened to the podcast today and feel we really got a peek at your psyche. Here’s what I’m going to say, if you don’t get Stallone on it is going to 100% effect how your son views you. Do you want your son to look at you with accusing eyes behind pink, cherubic cheeks and think, “Oh wow, here comes daddy, the loser who couldn’t deliver Stallone?” No, of course not. And you may not think it’s possible, but I know from my experience with my own baby, that babies can absolutely perform a perfect, sarcastic slow clap. It will haunt you…

And you can’t recover from that kind of disappointment either. Your baby is what, six months old? His level of disappointment will only grow exponentially with each successive failure.

Here’s what’s going to happen, you’ll be coming home from filming Season 23 of The League and you’re going to see June quietly crying. “What’s wrong, “ you’ll ask, and she will say, “He’s gone. Our son is gone! He graduated early and joined the Young Republicans. He’s off to Dartmouth to study Accounting with a double major in Political Science. He asked me to give you this.” You’ll look down at the well-creased picture she presses into your hands and see a faded picture of Stallone, discolored in blotches from what were most likely tears of disenchantment, the bitterest tears of all. Is that what you want to happen??

I know I may come off as sounding harsh, but it is coming from a place of love. You can’t let this happen, Paul! A son’s respect is for Closers! It’s too late for me, my son’s scorn is written on his face whenever he deigns a glance at me before going back to watching Umizoomi, but there is still a chance for you. Make it happen!

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