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Paul describes how he has brought positivity to his life by being a part of The Landmark Forum. Donate to the LA Food Bank and show proof by emailing and Paul will read your ad!


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I am glad whenever anyone with any kind of audience expresses something positive about 'The Landmark Forum'. There is nothing like it on earth, a bold exaggerated statement I know. I look at what happened after i walked out of the three days of it and maybe it was not that course but after those three days, there was a startling view of the world in front of me and I started living like someone who actually cared about their lives and stopped being a petty self centred little vandal on his way to getting punched in the eye by someone much bigger than me, and i started taking an interest in what was going on out here around me, stopped sulking around the edges of the school yard feeling sorry for myself (I was 17) and started listening to others around me and was amazed that I experienced myself as a useful valid ok part of this world for the first time.

So, so happy to hear you saying good things about this course that seems to have been a turning point for me.

Get Carter.